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Aggregating the Best of Sports and Wellness on the Web


It’s no secret that the fitness and wellness industries are booming.

Countless brands are dedicated to providing us with the tools we need to achieve our physical fitness and wellness goals. Meanwhile, the internet is overflowing with amazing websites that have brought down dog to the mainstream, share ways to improve our mindfulness and offer countless, mouthwatering recipe variations for avocado on toast.

In fact, there is such a wealth of websites that keeping up with them all on a daily basis is a feat.

This is where Sport/Well comes in!

Sport/Well aggregates a tight selection of feeds from some of the best wellness and fitness websites around. These are the ones we can confidently turn to for our daily dose of information and motivation!

Think of Sport/Well as your “one stop” for information and inspiration.

And if a scroll through these pages isn’t enough to encourage us to order that cold pressed juice with lunch, to pull on our sneakers or pull out our yoga mats after a long day of sitting in front of our computer screens, who knows what will!


Having practiced yoga for 18 years (since infancy, obviously), being an avid walker/hiker since forever and an enthusiastic tennis player for the past year, I strongly believe that everyone would be happier if they incorporated physical fitness in their lives on a daily basis! It can take a while to hone into the perfect form of exercise for your body, but practice truly does make perfect, so… stick with it!

This thought can apply to everything. Personally, I’ve had many career changes starting out as a fashion designer, a screenwriter, a writer and finally listening to that still, small voice in my heart and training for my RYT 200.

SportWell is the outward expression of this Greek and American gal’s inner passions. Based in Athens, I adore sports, eating clean, healthy foods and speaking to amazing people who are pursuing their passions in all of the above. Join me!